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EOSC in practice stories are successful use cases which highlight how EOSC resources (i.e. tools or services) already existing or under development have provided practical support to researchers in their daily work. The stories should also be able to demonstrate EOSC benefits for a broad range of actors, possibly across multiple research domains.

In short, an EOSC in Practice story should:

  • describe a particular societal or technological challenge;
  • identify the target user(s) mainly facing the described challenge;
  • describe the EOSC resource (i.e. tools or services) used to address the challenge, either already developed and published in the EOSC Marketplace or soon to be;
  • explain how the resource helped reduce or overcome the challenge supporting the user(s);
  • highlight benefits for users and service providers;
  • illustrate wider impacts on society possibly coming from the EOSC resource;
  • highlight if and how cross-disciplinary research is enabled by the resource;
  • delineate future plans regarding the future economic sustainability of the resource. 

How to submit an EOSC in practice story?

  • Provide the information required in the short contact form below.
  • Schedule an interview with our team to describe your story.

Why to submit an EOSC in practice story?

  • To give visibility to your work via the EOSC Future project (publication of your story in the website, social media coverage, possibility to be invited at EOSC-related events).
  • To share your experience with others who may benefit from or reuse the results of your work.
  • To make your contribution to the establishment of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).