We are looking for EOSC in practice provider stories. Submit yours!

EOSC in practice stories are successful use cases which highlight how EOSC resources (i.e. tools or services) already existing or under development have provided practical support to researchers in their daily work. The stories should also be able to demonstrate EOSC benefits for a broad range of actors, possibly across multiple research domains.

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Please fill in the following form if you are a provider

Please give us a short profile of your organisation or project. Insert the name and Grant Agreement number of the project in which the described resource has been developed Please use between 40 and 70 words
Describe the main scientific, technical or societal challenge(s) addressed. Please use between 80 and 120 words
Explain which solution was found to address the faced challenge. Name the resource you want to describe in the story, and provide the link to the resource on EOSC Marketplace (or other websites). Please use between 120 and 150 words
Describe the user community your service targets. Please use between 25 and 50 words
If available, provide a short quote or sentence that reports the experience of a user of the mentioned service
Please describe how you implemented the EOSC service or tool. Please add links to any additional material related to the story that you would like to share. Please use between 40 and 70 words
Describe how the solution can (potentially) bring wider positive impacts to society, beyond the specific target users. Please use between 100 and 130 words
Explain the role of EOSC in your story. What are the benefits for users and providers of using EOSC? Provide precise examples if possible. Please use between 60 and 100 words
Explain how the solution can support or facilitate cross-disciplinary research initiatives. Please use between 30 and 60 words
Explain the next steps in the development of the services. Are there new features you would like to add in the future? Please use between 50 and 80 words
Comment on how you are planning to ensure the financial sustainability of the service. Please use between 60 and 100 words
Elaborate on the point above specifying any alternative funding options or models you are evaluating to ensure the financial sustainability of the services. Include numerical details if available. Please use between 100 and 150 words
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