EOSC Portal - A gateway to information and resources in EOSC

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About this course

Estimated Duration: 8 minutes | Provider: EOSC Enhance | Format: Webinar




This webinar provides a tutorial on the new EOSC Portal user space.

The user space interface is meant to collect user-relevant data to serve user experience-enhancing functionalities, such as subscription for notifications about new resources of interest.

Other features showed in the video are how to organise EOSC resources in a manner that suits your work best, Collect resources for your use case together, Iiteract with the EOSC Experts and EOSC Providers to get support and much more.

The EOSC Portal is currently operated by the EOSC Enhance (Grant Agreement no. 871160) and EOSC Future (Grant Agreement no. 101017536) projects funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.