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Towards an e-infrastructure for plant phenotyping

Science area:  Agricultural sciences


In recent years, technological progress has been made in plant phenomics - major improvements concerning imaging and sensor technologies. High-throughput plant phenotyping platforms now produce massive datasets involving millions of plant images concerning hundreds of different genotypes at different phenological stages in both field and controlled environments. There is a need for an integrated and federated solution for data management and data processing. The open-source Phenotyping Hybrid Information System PHIS aims at organising these data and making them accessible and reusable to a larger scientific community.

Latest achievements: 

A service level agreement has been agreed with EGI that guarantees the access to the EGI Cloud Compute infrastructure. The community is now working on deploying their application on top of the cloud resources and connecting them to their database of agriculture data. Integration with the EGI Check-in service has been planned to enable the access to the service via institutional credentials.

EOSC-hub supporting services: 

EGI Cloud Compute, EGI Cloud Container Compute, B2SAFE, EGI DataHub, EGI Check-in, B2ACCESS, B2HANDLE, EGI Notebooks.

Supported research community

French National Institute for Agricultural Research 



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