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The current version of the EOSC rules of participation report edited by the EOSC Executive Board Rules of Participation (RoP) Working Group (WG) states the standards and conduct required of EOSC participants.

The rules themselves are high level in order to be generally applicable and longlived. However, the lack of details and specific compliance criteria can make it difficult for providers to understand all the needed requirements, if they have no legal background or experience, which is not unusual in many companies, especially SMEs. Moreover, openness, transparency, and inclusiveness are among the key principles that have been defined by RoP. Ensuring these principles can be a particularly demanding task when dealing with legal and ethics aspects. Therefore, a self-assessment tool, which can help EOSC service providers understand the main priorities of EOSC RoP and the actions they have to undertake to be compliant with the core principles of the RoP, is needed.

The solution proposed to adress the mentioned challenge is a tool called RoLECT. It was developed by Athena Research & Innovation Center, whose aim is to build knowledge and devise solutions and technologies for the digital society. The company is one of the NI4OS-Europe partners and a member of the EOSC Association

“Since the EOSC Rules of Participation are aligned with FAIR principles, RoLECT is a very useful roadmap beyond the purpose of onboarding services to EOSC. It can indeed serve all researchers for all those issues related with fairness of resources and data in general”
Marianna Katrakazi, Legal Associate @ATHENA RC; Partner @NI4OS-Europe

Download & read the story now on Zenodo here: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7322304