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Science area: Light Pollution


The use case aims at creating a light pollution community in B2SHARE in order to use resources such as datasets, presentations, source code.

Specific steps:

  • Publishing light pollution measurement data sets on platforms such as the GEOSS platform and B2FIND interdisciplinary metadata catalogues
  • Characterization of metadata related with light pollution and research objects in B2SHARE.
  • Publication of sky brightness measurements taken by the STARS4ALL photometer network in GEOSS Platform and B2FIND.
  • Analysis photometer observation data with Jupyter Notebooks.
  • Explore STARS4ALL research objects easily by selecting actionable links in the research object metadata in both B2SHARE and B2FIND.

EOSC-hub supporting services:

  • B2Share, B2Find, PaN notebook, GEOSS web portal, EGI Cloud Compute, EGI Cloud Container Compute, EGI Notebooks.



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