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Science area: environmental sciences


STARS4ALL is a European project raising awareness about the negative effects of artificial light on human wellbeing, biodiversity, visibility of stars, safety and energy waste.

This EAP use case aims at creating an EOSC light pollution community in order to use resources such as datasets, presentations, source code.

Latest achievements: 

In collaboration with the B2SHARE technical support team, the community defined the first version of the specific metadata including a mapping with existing metadata fields in B2SHARE. A mechanism to create a research object in B2SHARE has been agreed and the type of datasets (generated by the photometers) that are going to upload to B2SHARE have been identified. The implementation in B2SHARE is ongoing. 

EOSC-hub supporting services:

B2Share, B2Find, PaN notebook, GEOSS web portal, EGI Cloud Compute, EGI Cloud Container Compute, EGI Notebooks

Supported research community:

STARS4ALL Foundation



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