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The main contact point for EOSC in Slovakia is the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (SCSTI). SCSTI is a national information centre and specialised scientific library of the Slovak Republic focused on natural, technical, economic and social sciences. SCSTI is also national key OA stakeholder. More information can be found .

With regard to the integration of the scientific and research infrastructure of the Slovak Republic into the EOSC, since 2017 SCSTI has been building a comprehensive ecosystem of R&D infrastructure consisting of selected ICT research infrastructures built by universities and the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Each R&D institution operates its own infrastructure. The aim is to integrate these ICT infrastructures so that in the future there will be no duplication of research infrastructures at Slovak research institutions. Together, these research infrastructures, under the leadership of SCSTI, will gradually create a coherent ecosystem of ICT research infrastructures that will serve the entire scientific community.