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Virtual Folder for Structural Biology Projects


H2020 Westlife WP6 - D6.1-VirtualFolderVM is based on Ubuntu 14.04 system and provides basic web interface available at port 80. 

Provided by West-Life

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Virtual Language Observatory


A facet browser for fast navigation and searching in huge amounts of metadata.

Provided via the national CLARIN centres.


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Zenodo is a general purpose repository that enables researchers, scientists, projects and institutions to share, preserve and showcase multidisciplinary research results (data, software and publications) that are not part of the existing institutional or subject-based repositories of the research communities.

Provided by CERN and OpenAIRE.

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The EOSC portal has been jointly developed and maintained by the eInfraCentral, EOSC-hub, EOSCpilot and OpenAIRE-Advance projects funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme with contribution of the European Commission.