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Run4science.org - Measuring environmental and biodiversity data... while running!

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Natural Sciences

Societal challenges

We want citizens to measure their environment by using smartphones. Most of the citizen science initiatives are focused on one topic: it can be air quality, biodiversity. All in different apps and communities, with different logins and data storage. These apps and communities are mostly project based and therefore time limited. We offer the mobis service: one starting point to collect both environmental and biodiversity data in many forms.

We had the idea of taking sensor measurements and combining them by running (run4science.org). During our trail run, we collect air quality, water quality (color, spectral properties) and take pictures of lycens. For example, we ran around our town and all the data ended up in the MOBIS framework.

Technical challenges

Integrating different observations is challenging. Some are coming from data entry, some from bluetooth devices, some from direct sensors (like smartphone camera/gps). We also want to guarantee that data is processed along GDPR guidelines and licensing. A solution is to partner with other EOSC services (like Authenix for safe and privacy friendly Single Sign On).

How EOSC can help and add value

By offering our MOBIS observation integration service (sensor) app developers do not have to reinvent the wheel. Integration, GDPR compliance, powerful storage and off/online processing are already created. EOSC makes it FAIR!

We will also work together (technically) with other EOSC services, like Authenix and Plant*Net API.