ROHub: A Resource Organization Service for Scientific Investigations

Geohazard is a worldwide research community devoted to the study and management of natural hazards such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Working in this domain implies field work to install instruments, the use of Earth Observation monitoring systems, simulation of potential hazards and direct interaction with decision makers and stakeholders.

Geohazard community deals with scientific problems with fragmentation, unequal access to data and research methods, and isolation. This is critical as volcanic eruptions or similar natural disasters can impact neighbouring countries and even entire continents. The main challenge faced by Geohazard therefore is to create services that can ease access to data and tools, conduct highquality research, and share the findings. These services should provide timely and scientifically accurate information about volcanic and seismic activity, not only within the research community but also to various end-users and stakeholders at national, European, and international levels.

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