QCloud - Ireland’s quantum cloud environment

As part of an adoption funding programme supported by the EU and building on experience gained through the GÉANT-led OCRE project, the EOSC Future project allotted a total of €4.8 million across three calls, aimed at bridging the gap between commercial service providers and researchers through the EOSC ecosystem. The third and last call in the series awarded two projects for making commercial services more accessible to Research & Education communities via the EOSC Marketplace, to digital service aggregators (e.g. non-profit entities, NRENs, RIs and e-Infrastructures, HPC centres, etc.) teaming up with OCRE cloud service providers.

Harnessing the power of quantum mechanics, this project offers cloud-based access to quantum computing hardware. This breakthrough technology opens avenues for cryptography, networking, data analysis, and optimisation. Researchers gain access to a variety of quantum processors, driving experimentation and innovation. Harnessing quantum computing through the cloud, enables researchers scattered across Ireland to access and leverage this cutting-edge technology, fostering collaboration and accelerating scientific progress.

Access to quantum computing not only empowers us to personally unveil the advantages of quantum computing in the field of security of autonomous systems and lay the foundation for a quantum-powered future but also enables us to actively engage in software engineering for quantum computing, all while nurturing the minds of the next generation of students and innovators in the realm of quantum knowledge

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