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Public R & D Resource Graph of Artificial Intelligence in Shanghai

Compass for Artificial Intelligence Research

Public R & D Resource Graph of Artificial Intelligence in Shanghai, which is launched by Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Resources Center, is a scientific research resource portal based on the theme of AI. It can be divided into two parts, one-stop search based on knowledge graph and visual data analysis. One-stop search includes search results pages of scientific literature, knowledge graphs, relevant recommendations and details of experts' scientific research ability. Visual data analysis includes the development trend analysis of papers, patents, projects, experts, investments and enterprises. All the information is based on the data from government, international cooperated partners such as Elsevier, and SSTIR’s own database whose data also supports consultancy reports for government annually.

The service is for communities who are looking for AI research resources in Yangtze River Delta Area in China or any researchers who interesting in general situation of AI talents, papers, patents, projects, experts, investments and enterprises in China.


When users search terms such as expert names and topic keywords, all scientific research information of the term will be displayed, including experts’ scientific research ability, related articles, experts in the same field, recommendation of related subjects words, etc. The details page of experts’ scientific research ability shows the resume and published articles of an expert in the field of artificial intelligence. On the page of knowledge graph, users can view more information related to the search term, including subject areas, experts and scientific research institutions. Different colors represent different subject areas and different ball sizes represent different associations with the keyword. Users can also view visual reports on the topic of artificial intelligence, including seven aspects: experts, articles, projects, patents, investments, technology and business transactions. It shows the development status and historical trend of artificial intelligence and each sub field from multiple perspectives.

Use cases:

Search which experts and institutions are related to the concept “Neural Networks”. Search the academic scientific research ability of an expert, including the amount of papers that are issued and cited. Search the development trend of artificial intelligence’s patents in its sub field in the past three years.

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