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This guide proposes characteristics to help assess the maturity of a resource via the operational definition of the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) indicators: TRL, 7, 8 and 9.

TRL 7 - Beta

EC definition: "System prototype demonstration in an operational environment"

  • Resource has passed through the development and is an advanced stage of pre-production: the software is stable, reliable and has been deployed in an operational environment   

  • Functionality as required by the target users is documented, understood, validated with target sample users and accepted by them. Internal documentation exists regarding preliminary validation tests.

  • An assessment has been made of the required load of the system once the transition into production is complete and a plan has been made to serve this load. This assessment has been documented.

  • An SLA is optional.

TRL 8 - Production

EC description: "System complete and qualified"

  • There are users who are making real use of the resource and rely on it for their work.

  • Resource documentation for end-users exists and is made available.

  • An Acceptable Use Policy/Terms of Use/SLA/SLS is in place

  • Evidence that the Resource is being delivered in a way consistent with user expectations

  • Provision is made for user support, with the response to an incident and problem management

TRL 9 - Production

EC description: "Actual system proven in an operational environment"

  • All requirements of TRL 8 are met.

  • Customer feedback is gathered and documented. The Resource has been in a production state and relied upon by users for at least 1 year and evidence is provided to show this.

  • There are quantitative outputs as a direct result of resource usage.

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