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Data sources are EOSC Resources and a subclass of EOSC Services whose specific purpose is to offer deposition, preservation, curation, discovery, access, and usage statistics functionalities to collections of EOSC Research Product Scientific Products from a thematic or cross-discipline perspective.

An EOSC Provider is an EOSC System User responsible for the provisioning of one or more Resources to the EOSC. EOSC Providers are organisations, a part of an organisation or a federation that manages and delivers Resources to End-Users. EOSC Providers can be: Resource Providers, Service Providers, Data (Source) Providers, Service Developers, Research Infrastructures, Distributed Research Infrastructures, Resource Aggregators, Thematic Clouds, Regional Clouds, etc. More definitions here.

The EOSC Portal Onboarding Process is the process that an EOSC Provider must follow to register the Provider and its Resources in the EOSC Portal Registry. The ESOC Registry provides EOSC System Users with a list of live/ready-to-use descriptions of EOSC Resources offered by the EOSC System.

This guide provides the basic steps for onboarding from the point of view of an EOSC resource Provider wanting to onboard their resource (service and/or data sources) to EOSC. 

The following criteria are currently used to validate Providers and Resources to be onboarded within the EOSC Service Portfolio.

An EOSC Provider is an EOSC System User responsible for the provisioning of one or more Resources to the EOSC. The Provider Profile describes the information requested to onboard Providers into The EOSC Provider Portal.

This guide proposes characteristics to help assess the maturity of a resource via the operational definition of the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) indicators: TRL, 7, 8 and 9.

An EOSC Resource is an asset made available by means of the EOSC system and according to the EOSC Rules of Participation to EOSC End-Users to perform a process useful to deliver value in the context of the EOSC. EOSC Resources include Services, Data Sources any other asset.  A Resource Profile describes the information requested to onboard Resources into the EOSC Provider Portal.

Research products are EOSC Resources resulting from a scientific process, any physical or digital asset produced and shared by users/services for users/services, such as research literature, research data(sets), research software, and others. Research Products are characterized/described by metadata to be used for citation, attribution, re-use, reproducibility, semantic linking, and findability, made available via EOSC Data Sources, which also host the digital assets when the product is digital.

An EOSC Resource is an asset made available by means of the EOSC system and according to the EOSC Rules of Participation to EOSC End-Users to perform a process useful to deliver value in the context of the EOSC. EOSC Resources include Services, Data Sources, Research Products and any other asset.