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Opening date: 
1 October 2019
Sunday, December 1, 2019 - 18

The NGI_TRUST open call aims to 

  • Engage a variety of players (newcomers to H2020 are encouraged!);
  • Explore pre-selected privacy & trust enhancing topics (defined with support of an advisory board) critical to building a human-centric Internet

NGI_TRUST will support third-party projects working in the following areas:

  • Better management of consent, to give more control to the user of their data when accessing and using services.
  • Technical innovation in privacy-enhancing technologies, such as cryptography, federated identity, security and privacy for IoT, privacy-enhancing data transports and data at rest.
  • The application of artificial intelligence/machine learning/neural networks to serve the user’s interests.
  • Bootstrapping trust at the protocol level, to maintain a trustable Internet Infrastructure.

More information at https://www.ngi.eu/opencalls/ngi_trust-open-call/