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16 Oct 2020

Working together for the realisation of EOSC


At the end of 2019, EOSC-Synergy, EOSC-Pillar, EOSC-Nordic, NI4OS-Europe, ExPaNDS, FAIRsFAIR, and EOSCSecretariat.eu signed a Collaboration Agreement in support of the EOSC Governance that provides a useful framework to enhance synergies in all mutual activities related to the EOSC.

A Cross-Project Collaboration Board (CPCB) was established as well, featuring two members per each project.

  • EOSC-Synergy extends coordination to Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and the UK bridging the gap between national initiatives and EOSC;
  • EOSC-Pillar aims to coordinate national open science efforts across Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, and Italy;
  • EOSC-Nordic aims to facilitate the coordination of EOSC relevant initiatives taking place in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia;
  • NI4OS-Europe aims to be a core contributor to the EOSC service portfolio, commit to EOSC governance and ensure inclusiveness at the European level for enabling global open science; 
  • ExPaNDS will expand, accelerate and support the data management and data services provided through the EOSC for major national Photon and Neutron Research Infrastructures in delivering world-leading science;
  • FAIRsFAIR aims to supply solutions for the use of FAIR data principles throughout the research data life cycle;
  • EOSCSecretariat.eu acts as a facilitator for the activities of all the projects involved.

Watch the video below to understand the roles of the projects that are driving the effort to set up the EOSC.