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07 Mar 2021

OpenAIRE Nexus - Launch event


We are happy to announce the public launch event of our new H2020 project: OpenAIRE Nexus - The nexus of scholarly communication services for the European Open Science Cloud.

OpenAIRE-Nexus builds on top of our 10-year path of experience and connections to deliver interoperable EOSC services. With users in the center, we embark on a 30 month journey to map our users' needs in the new environment brought in by open science and EOSC, and to guide them to reach their goals into publishing, discovering and monitoring research. We bring 14 services to serve the whole spectrum of the research community: researchers in starting or more established research communities; research infrastructures; repository managers of any type of research outcomes; funders, research administrators and policy makers.

OpenAIRE is not alone in this journey. Working in tandem with four projects that touch upon different layers of EOSC (DICE - Data Infrastructure Capacity for EOSC, EGI-ACE - EGI Advanced computing for EOSC, RELLIANCE - REsearch Lifestyle mAnagemeNt for Earth Science Communities and CopErnicus users in EOSC, C-SCALE - Copernicus - eoSC Analytics Engine), we plan to make our services part of a wider ecosystem and part of integrated researcher workflows.


We invite you all to get to know the OpenAIRE-Nexus services and trek with us in the EOSC universe.

When: March 10, 2021 10:00-15:15 CET
Where: Virtual event