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31 Mar 2021

New support resources on Open Science practices and OpenAIRE services


OpenAIRE represents a technological infrastructure and a human network of multidiscipline people, who participate not only in the promotion and dissemination of Open Science practices, but also in the production and enhancement of resources and support materials. That complementary work is essential to a better understanding on Open Science related issues and on the usage of the OpenAIRE services. This article briefly lists the new support resources, in various forms, of OpenAIRE services as of March 2021.


Support material

The support content available at the OpenAIRE portal (www.openaire.eu/support) has a strong participation from a wide range of specialists, from the OpenAIRE network, including specific Task Forces dedicated to Research Data Management (RDM) and Legal Issues. All materials have a multi-stakeholder approach providing support on a variety of Open Science topics and practices, varying from policy compliance to guidance on Research Data Management or legal issues. The target audience expands to researchers, research managers, project coordinators, funders and content providers seeking for direct support.

Another aspect of the materials produced, is their reflection on the developments of Open Science and the EOSC ecosystem that OpenAIRE is a core part of. Therefore, OpenAIRE services and activities support stakeholders to align and follow the latest guidelines from European Commission on Open Science and EOSC.

A great example are the set of guides about how to fulfill the requirements of submitting proposals to receive funds from the European Commission by delivering a compliant Data Management Plan (DMP). Another critical example is the interoperability among different and sometimes complex to repository and infrastructure managers. Services that co-interact to bring scholarly work (resources) to all research related actors.

OpenAIRE has recently updated most of these resources that are at our users disposal for consultation, feedback and reuse. 



The OpenAIRE guides available at www.openaire.eu/guides are targeted to those involved in scholarly communication, offering an easy way to go through in their daily tasks, such as creating a DMPlicensing research datamaking data fairdealing with sensitive data, among others.

The guides for OpenAIRE Services users, provide a step-by-step orientation on how to use them, on how to take full advantage of them, as well as explaining how users can benefit from their use.



A set of guidelines and ways of action regarding some more practical aspects of implementation of certain services, policies, that will ultimately give a step forward in Open Science, in your project, in your institution, in your country.



In a 2-page document, available to download and print, the OpenAIRE factsheets give a brief overview of a topic (H2020, OS Thematic and OpenAIRE Services), main issues, how to use it, highlight benefits, as well as always provide indications for additional resources and information. 

A set of factsheets were updated, new ones were added and published on distinct topics, such as on Open Science policies for Research Funding and Performing Organizations, on Public Sector Information and about OpenAIRE services, such as PROVIDE, CONNECT, Argos, Amnesia, MONITOR, Usage Statistics, and the Research Graph.