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03 Sep 2020

New report available: evaluation of the EOSC-hub community

EOSC-hub project just released a document with the landscape analysis of the EOSC service providers and user communities engaged through the EOSC Portal and other channels. 

The document provides a snapshot about the communities that have been engaged by the EOSC-hub project until the end of June 2020. The analysis presents the project's assessment of the engaged EOSC service provider and user communities from different perspectives, including engagement instruments used, scientific discipline coverage and nationality.

Based on these findings the report provides a set of recommendations for EOSC-hub and for other projects of the EOSC landscape on how to strengthen and focus community engagement activities. 

If you are curious about how active your country or discipline has been so far, check it out: Evaluation of the EOSC-hub community (June 2020).

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