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23 Nov 2020

Learn About International Open Science and FAIR Initiatives


Open Science and FAIR data are being implemented all around the world in the research area. The EOSC Secretariat International Technology and Policy Observatory prepared a report this summer on some of the major trends and activities happening globally. That report can be found here

The five main international trends observed were:

  • Worldwide research and standards organisations are driving convergence
  • Regional Open Science Initiatives are getting more aligned and coordinated 
  • FAIR Funders are teaming up to drive FAIR behavior
  • FAIR Digital Objects are driving worldwide interoperability
  • FAIR Data Stewards are likely to change the world of research 

This month has prepared more helpful resources to continue exploring Open Science and FAIR Data on a global level: 


On 24 November will host a webinar with four of the research and standards organisations which are driving convergence: CODATA, GO FAIR, RDA, and WDS! Details and registration can be found here.



Episode 2 of the Podcast has been published, featuring Bert Meerman from the GO FAIR Foundation &, speaking on International FAIR Practices.



Register now for the webinar!



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