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19 May 2022

June 2022 Enhancements to the EOSC Platform

Enhancements to the EOSC Platform (the Resource Catalogue and EOSC Marketplace) are just a few days away!

The EOSC Future project is releasing a number of enhancements to the EOSC Platform (EOSC Catalogue & Marketplace and EOSC Providers Dashboard) in the next few days.  These enhancements will position the EOSC Platform to provide several new capabilities to users including:

  • Enabling the inclusion of services from other service catalogues, making the EOSC Marketplace more of a “one stop shop” for researchers looking for resources they need.
  • Enabling the inclusion of a wider range of data collections (“data sources”) as well as the research products they contain.
  • Improving users’ ability to find and use services from the EOSC Catalogue & Marketplace.

Not all of these capabilities will be available right away, but the June enhancements are the first of a series of improvements intended to improve the EOSC user's experience by this fall.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are an EOSC Provider, WE WILL DISABLE ACCESS TO THE EOSC SERVICE PROVIDERS DASHBOARD ON JUNE 22. Access will be restored on June 27, 2022.  During this period, the EOSC Marketplace will still be accessible, using the frozen records, with the enhanced records and functionality available for general use starting June 27, 2022.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact help@eosc-portal.eu.