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30 Apr 2020

IaaS Vouchers Available for COVID-19 Early Career Researchers from OCRE

As part of the EOSC-contributing project's efforts to drive cloud usage in the research community, OCRE (Open Clouds for Research Environments project) is distributing IaaS vouchers to early career researchers working on COVID-19.

The vouchers are being distributed to early career researchers through OCRE partners CERN Openlab, Eurodoc and CloudSigma and had been launched by OCRE on the 21st of April and will be closed on 8 May 2020. 

Applications are open to all research sectors, including medicine, natural sciences, computer science, social sciences and humanities.

The applicant must be an Early Career Researcher (doctoral candidate, postdoctoral researcher or a researcher under any other contract with an R1 or R2 profile) and must be affiliated with a European university, research center or institution.

€10,000 has been made available for the call and will be distributed to 10 research projects according to the evaluation criteria set by Eurodoc.

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