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05 Sep 2019

The EOSCpilot key contributions to the EOSC

The EOSCpilot project, a two-year EU funded project running in 2017-2019, set the starting point for an organic discussion around the European Open Science Cloud.

The project provided a set of input and useful resources on the key aspects of the EOSC: from governance to policies, from rules of participation to the needed skills, from services to interoperability.

Moreover, within the EOSCpilot, 15 Science Demonstrators aimed at implementing the real research cases in the EOSC from a practical point of view.

All the research projects funded as Science Demonstrators by the EOSCpilot are listed among the EOSC in practice Use Cases on the EOSC Portal.

The EOSCpilot also compiled a summary of the main findings of the project, that is available here.

You can read more of the outcomes of the Science Demonstrators and full recommendations on the EOSCpilot website.