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05 Sep 2019

EOSCpilot’s Contributions to EOSC Governance

With plenty of stakeholders expected to rely on the European Open Science Cloud in the future, it became clear that governing the EOSC and ensuring neutral and transparent management will be of great importance for its success. Through its engagement with future EOSC actors, EOSCpilot provided a governance framework that became the basis for the current EOSC governance structure we see today and a minimal set of rules of play was proposed.

The three key contributions to EOSC Governance relate to:

  • The active EOSC stakeholder participation through the EOSC Governance Development Forum
  • The minimal set of EOSC Rules of Participation
  • The governance framework that was the basis for today’s EOSC governance structure

Read more on the EOSCpilot website and check the Governance Development Framework document and the Recommendations for the rules of participation to the EOSC.