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16 Jul 2020

EOSC takes its next steps

To boost the research capacity and innovation potential of Europe, the EOSC interim Governance has been working to establish a European Partnership under the Horizon Europe Programme.

The main goal is to guarantee the further development of the open and trusted environment for accessing and managing research data and related services based on FAIR principles.

The draft proposal for a European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Partnership is now available online with the aim to contribute to further collaboration, synergies and alignment between partnership candidates, as well as more broadly with related R&I stakeholders in the EU, and beyond where relevant. This draft will ensure more transparency  of  information  on  the  current  status  of  preparation, including  on  the  process  for developing the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA).

The purpose is to further consolidate an open, trusted, virtual, federated environment in Europe to store, share and re-use research data across borders and scientific disciplines and provide access to a rich array of related services. Researchers will have more possibilities to find, share and reuse publications, data, and software and access a service ecosystem.  

The leading entity of the partnership will be the EOSC Association, which is in process of being established. This new legal entity will represent European stakeholders in a collective manner and will be the party to enter into a contractual arrangement with the EU Commission under the European partnership.

All organisations interested to join the EOSC Association are invited to express their interest by filling out a webform. Once this Association will be established, a Memorandum of Understanding will be signed between the EOSC Association and the European Commission to officially launch the EOSC partnership at the end of 2020.

Read more on the EC website.


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