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Open Energy Platform
04 May 2022

EOSC Portal Service Spotlight on the Open Energy Platform

According to the IEA Electricity Market Report from January 2022, after a small drop in 2020, global electricity demand grew by 6% in 2021. This was the largest annual increase ever, in absolute terms (over 1 500 TWh), and the largest relative rise since the recovery from the financial crisis in 2010. Low-carbon generation, on the other hand, increased by 5.5% (555 TWh) in 2021, of which a notable 83% was renewable. In the coming years renewables are expected to account for the vast majority of the supply increase, growing at a steady rate of 8% per year.

Research in a changing energy sector

As we have seen from the figures above, the energy market is facing a very big change, due to the adoption of renewable energy sources. To complete this  transition, research in the energy sector is fundamental.

The Open Energy Family aims to ensure the quality, transparency and reproducibility of energy system research. This service constitutes a collection of various tools and information supporting work with energy-related data. The Open Energy Family is also a collaborative community effort; everything is openly developed and, therefore, constantly evolving.

Open Energy Platform

As part of the Open Energy Family, the Open Energy Platform (OEP) is a web interface to access most of the modules, especially the community database. Moreover, the OEP offers a way to publish data with proper documentation (metadata) and link this data to source code and underlying assumptions.

Try out the Open Energy Platform for yourself!

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