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EOSC Portal Service Spotlight on eduVPN
11 Apr 2022

EOSC Portal Service Spotlight on eduVPN

A UNESCO Survey shows distance learning under COVID-19 pandemic has been implemented in almost every advanced country. Almost 90% of high-income countries/territories reported that they were using existing online learning platforms. Based on Eurostat data in 2019, only 5.4% of employees in the EU-27 usually worked from home (a share that remained rather constant since 2009). In 2020, this percentage increased to 12% with a high variation among countries. For example, the region around Helsinki recorded 37% the highest share in 2020, followed by the Belgian region Province du Brabant wallon with 27%.

The importance of remote access to educational resources

From these data we can conclude that remote access to educational resources has become  essential for many students and researchers. eduVPN is a service, accessible via the EOSC portal Marketplace here, where students and researchers working away from their normal place of work (either from home or using public WiFi services) can have secure public access to the wider internet or access to private resources controlled by their institution.

eduVPN is fully Open Source

It’s important to mention that eduVPN is free for institutions to download and install on their own servers. It is fully open source – both on server and client side (apps are available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux) and it focuses on the ease of use. It supports the different identity management systems used in higher education, including SAML. It can be used not only to access private resources but also to replace proprietary VPN solutions at multiple universities and research institutions. NRENs can also offer the service to access their networks remotely.

Try eduVPN out for yourself!

Access the service here