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05 Nov 2019

EOSC in Focus at European Research and Innovation Days

EOSC's role in making "open science the new normal" was emphasised in the EOSCSecretariat.eu's co-organised session at the European Research and Innovation Days, "Open Science is the New Normal".

Present at the event was EOSC Executive Board Co-Chair Karel Luyben. Also present was Catherine Stihler (Open Knowledge Foundation, United Kingdom), Shreyas Mmukubd (Sparrho, United Kingdom), and Jens Vinge Nygaard (Aarhus University, Denmark).

View the recorded session now!

During the event, EOSCSecretariat.eu livestreamed the session as it was being held in Brussels and engaged with both live and remote attendees by crowdsourcing questions and organising polls. See the results below.

Live Engagement Insights