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31 Jul 2020

EOSC Association registered

On Wednesday, 29 July, founding members submitted the Deeds of Association of the EOSC Association to the notary public in Brussels which marks an important development towards the sustainability of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) initiative.

The formal establishment of the EOSC Association still requires the issuance of a Belgian Royal Decree - a process which is expected to take between six weeks to three months. At present, the call for expressions of interest to join the EOSC Association is still open. 

In her blog, EOSC Executive Board Co-Chair Cathrin Stöver said, "EOSC achieved a major milestone on Wednesday, 29 July 2020, at 10:32 local time in Brussels, when the notary gave his green-inked signature to the Deed of Association of the EOSC Association. Before that, the four founding members CESAER (represented by David Bohmert), CSIC (represented by Elena Domínguez), GÉANT (represented by Cathrin Stöver) and ICDI (represented by Angelo Volpi) had carefully listened to the reading, initialed the pages and finally given their signature."

Once the Royal Decree formally establishing the EOSC Association is released, the next step is for the EOSC Association to organise its first General Assembly which will also formally ratify the admission of additional members. 

Read the blog for more information!