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ENVRI community launches environmental and Earth sciences data management book
25 Aug 2020

ENVRI community launches environmental and Earth sciences data management book

In an effort to achieve greater interoperability among their research infrastructures, a key enabler for the European Open Science Cloud, the ENVRI community published its guidebook on data management.

The new published ENVRI data management book provides a systematic overview of the common challenges faced by research infrastructures. In particular, this 20-chapter publication of the ENVRI community explains how a “reference model guided” engineering approach can be used to achieve greater interoperability among such infrastructures in the environmental and Earth sciences.

The book, entitled “Towards Interoperable Research Infrastructures for Environmental and Earth Sciences. A Reference Model Guided Approach for Common Challenges”, is fully downloadable and is organized around five different parts focusing on the design, development, deployment, operation, and use of research infrastructures.  

As explained in an interview by one of the two main editors of the book, Dr. Zhiming Zhao, assistant professor at University of Amsterdam, the book’s expected readers are developers, managers, operators, and potential users of research infrastructures in environmental and earth sciences.

The book can also serve as a textbook for young researchers and data managers. Two fundamental chapters are the first one, that explains visionary cases for the cluster level collaboration among research infrastructures, and the last one, that summarizes all the development and highlights future directions. 

Learn more on the ENVRI data management book!