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15 Oct 2020

DevDiary 3: EOSC Thematic and Regional Projects Share Requirements for Improving the EOSC Portal

Following an interview campaign led by EOSC Enhance with representatives of majority of the EOSC thematic cluster and regional projects, a set of requirements have been extracted, validated and prioritised for implementation.

From this activity, a total of 39 requirements have been extracted. Validation and prioritisation was conducted during a workshop on 28 September 2020, after which an analysis was made by the EOSC Enhance Requirements Gathering Task Force Validators and laid out next steps for each.

At present, EOSC Enhance is planning 13 requirements for implementation as part of EOSC Portal Release 1 scheduled for the end of November 2020. Five requirements will be targeted for implementation as part of EOSC Portal Release 2. Meanwhile 12 requirements are planned for documentation and handover to future EOSC Portal operators, out of which two of these may be implemented under EOSC Enhance if pre-requisite conditions are met. All these are tentative only as many requirements require additional information from the sources of the requirements.  

Requirements campaign

This immediately follows the release of the first set of EOSC Portal requirements. Requirements gathering in 2020 is focused on EOSC regional, thematic, and implementation projects while 2021 will focus more on individual researchers, scientists and other users of the EOSC Portal.

To-date, a targeted requirements gathering workshop has been organised on 12 May 2020 with the INFRAEOSC-5b projects and a public workshop titled "EOSC Portal - focus on requirements collection", open to various EOSC stakeholders, was held as part of the EOSC-hub Week 2020. Interviews with various EOSC projects is already ongoing starting with the EOSC regional projects and the thematic cluster projects, further covering other EOSC projects in the coming months.

Recently, a survey on the EOSC Portal Marketplace has also been distributed and is currently being analysed for validation and prioritisation. 

Check out the requirements from EOSC regional and thematic cluster projects extracted by EOSC Enhance.
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