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22 Jun 2020

DevDiary 2: EOSC Portal launches 'Using the Portal' area

We have developed a new section, Using the Portal, to host training materials in an effort to help the users and providers make the most of the EOSC Portal.

As its first set of portal training resources, the new Using the Portal section currently features the 'EOSC-hub Service Provider Training', produced and maintained by the EOSC-hub project, and is applicable and relevant to EOSC Portal service and resource providers, as well as the 'Introduction to the EOSC Portal' which provides a high-level overview on the concept of the EOSC Portal.

The training materials are searchable by title, audience and topic. It has the capability to both host training material, link to external training material or redirect to external training catalogues.

At present, the Using the Portal training section will only host training material specifically on the EOSC Portal. Onboarded training resources will still remain in the EOSC Marketplace Training Catalogue.

In the next months, EOSC Enhance is expected to deliver EOSC Portal-branded training materials for service and resource providers as well as for users.

Visit the Using the Portal section now!

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