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27 Aug 2021

Dev Diary #7 - Expanding the EOSC Portal

The spring of 2021 was particularly intense for the EOSC Portal team, as EOSC Enhance was finally joined by the latest addition to the landscape: EOSC Future!

While Enhance completed the main part of its requirements gathering activity, Future has started to set up its teams so as to allow the two projects to align and interact towards the final part of the year. At that point, Future is expected to take over all the tasks related to the development of the EOSC-Core and EOSC-Exchange, building on the contributions from Enhance and bringing together more players from across the entire EOSC ecosystem.

The seven EOSC Enhance Key Exploitable Results constitute fundamental building blocks towards the envisioned evolution of the European Open Science Cloud.

In this issue of the Dev Diary, we will take a look at the main developments in the onboarding process for resource providers, the latest updates for users of the Marketplace, and more.

Before you scroll down, take a look at the EOSC Portal video and get ready!

Onboarding and upgrades for providers

Thanks to the efforts from the whole team and contributions from the wider community, the EOSC Portal is welcoming an increasing number of providers and recently reached a total of 200 organisations and 300 resources available.



Onboarding entire catalogues: the NI4OS-Europe pilot

Over the spring and summer of 2021, the EOSC Enhance team coordinated with NI4OS-Europe, the EOSC regional project covering Southeastern Europe, to work on a pilot to test the long-awaited functionality that will allow entire project catalogues to be integrated with the EOSC Portal. This effort was also discussed at the joint workshop organised by EOSC-Pillar in July, in collaboration with the other regional projects.

We are hosting a joint webinar on 26 October at 10:00 CEST, where we will learn more about this process and its first tangible results, hear directly from providers who have successfully onboarded their resources into the Portal, and take a look into the following steps with EOSC Future. Keep an eye on the EOSC Portal website for more information about this event.

Become an EOSC Portal provider

A Portal for researchers

Speaking of the collaboration with EOSC Future, the user experience team is currently collecting first-hand experiences and comments from existing and potential end users of the EOSC Marketplace. This is being done via a public survey to further fine-tune the front-end interface and user journey of the Marketplace in the near future.

Take the survey by 30 September

We are looking forward to the exciting upcoming months of collaboration between Enhance and Future, in coordination with other relevant projects and initiatives in the ecosystem, including the EOSC Association.

In addition, EOSC Future is also looking for more than 200 researchers and actors from all scientific fields to closely support the co-design of EOSC. The resulting user group is expected to provide input and feedback on the solutions developed by the project and promote the achievements for its whole duration.

Apply by 15 September


The EOSC Portal is currently operated by the EOSC Enhance (Grant Agreement no. 871160) and EOSC Future (Grant Agreement no. 101017536) projects funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.