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29 Jan 2021

Dev Diary 5: Experiencing the EOSC Portal

The EOSC Enhance project has had quite a busy couple of months since officially launching the new and improved EOSC Portal at the end of November 2020.

Over the past few weeks, we have explored the main features and functionalities of the updated EOSC Portal, starting from the first introductory webinar on 3 December which offered a general overview.

The following ones have specifically focussed on how to get things done, from both a service provider and a user perspective, producing useful materials for the new Using the Portal section as well.

Let’s take a look back at these tutorials and explore the EOSC Portal together!

Registering providers and resources

First things first, how do new service providers register on the EOSC Portal?

In our 17 December webinar, Antonis Zervas (JNP) offered a video tutorial on how to do it, via the Providers Dashboard section of the EOSC Portal. Service providers must be a legal entity and there is a minimum set of attributes that needs to be filled in order to be accepted.

This step is fundamental, as only after the provider is approved you can onboard the individual services.

Create an account and register your organisation now!

Welcoming back existing providers

What if your organisation is already registered and your services have been offered via the Portal for some time?

The EOSC Enhance team held a dedicated webinar on 21 January, specifically targeted at existing providers, where the main new features were introduced.

Antonis Zervas (JNP) provided a video tutorial on how to manage your provider information via the Providers Dashboard section of the EOSC Portal.

Providers are especially encouraged to share their feedback via the custom-built channels in the website, so as to help the team improve the EOSC Portal experience even more towards the next major release in autumn 2021. 

Browse the Providers Dashboard now and check your profile!

Navigating the EOSC Portal Catalogue & Marketplace

Of course, we could not ignore the end-users of the EOSC Portal!

On 14 January, we organised a specific webinar describing the new functionalities of the EOSC Portal Catalogue and Marketplace for users. 

Bartosz Wilk (CYFRONET) offered four brief tutorials highlighting some of the main improvements in the current Portal release: 

Browse the Catalogue and Marketplace and share your feedback!

We are looking forward to an exciting 2021, which marked the beginning of the second phase of EOSC.

Together with the many initiatives in the EOSC landscape and in coordination with the EOSC Association, we will bring the EOSC Portal services closer to the wider research community.

Share your feedback on the new EOSC Portal!