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19 Oct 2020

Cloud Hosting with Cutting-edge Patented Cybersecurity Protection


According to research firm Gartner, the global Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) market for public cloud services grew 37.3% last year to $44.5 billion. This year’s COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent mass move to remote working are accelerating moves to the cloud.

IT decision makers are increasingly seeing the cloud as a digital transformation engine as well as a technology that improves business continuity. Cloud computing also promotes technological agility whilst reducing IT overheads.

The benefits of moving IT to the cloud are persuasive. Research suggests that 67% of enterprise IT infrastructure and software will be cloud-based by the end of 2020 (Forbes). For academic and research institutions, the benefits of the cloud can be even more compelling. The ability to deploy a significant amount of computing resources, often for short periods of time, without the need for large capital outlay is a game-changing innovation for researchers. This need for flexibility however needs to be balanced with the need for security. A significant data breach could be highly damaging for the reputation of any institution.

With 100 Percent IT’s IaaS solutions you get all the power and functionality of a server, without the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining the physical hardware. We understand the importance of keeping your information 100% secure. Your data is held in our Tier 3 UK data centres with full backup management (x4 daily snapshots plus an overnight backup). We take care of the security, you’ll never need worry about patching a vulnerability or upgrading the infrastructure ever again!

We take pride in our flexibility, our fully scalable infrastructure accommodates many different deployment models. Benefit from temporary or permanent increases/decreases in resources whenever you need them. Our additional service options include; load balancers, virtual routing, firewalls, VPNs and auto-scaling. 
For those who do not require a managed service, we offer great value self-service packages with a choice of two industry leading software platforms – OpenStack and VMWare. Run whatever software you like on your server, with your own access policies.

Did you know that on average it takes companies over 6 months to identify a data breach?

For additional layers of security choose Trusted Cloud. This award-winning technology protects the data on your servers from human error and the most advanced cyber attacks. By deploying our Trusted Cloud technology you cut the time it takes to detect and locate security breaches down to a few seconds! The less time a hacker / malicious insider has to steal information and cause damage the better. Trusted Cloud will even alert if a system administrator makes a configuration error. Our rapid intrusion detection technology significantly lowers the cost of complying with ISO standards and the GDPR.

What's the technology behind Trusted Cloud?

We utilise advanced cryptography and distributed whitelisting techniques to ensure that no unauthorised code can run undetected throughout your entire server estate.
With rapid intrusion detection in their armoury, security personnel can intervene swiftly to significantly reduce the cost of security breaches. Watch a demo of Trusted Cloud in action below.



Against a background of strengthening data protection legislation and the constantly evolving threat landscape selecting a cloud infrastructure service provider you can trust has never been so important. With 100 Percent IT you get the latest technology, cutting-edge security and dedicated 24x7x365 support you can rely upon. 

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