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08 Mar 2021

Call for Technical Expertise to document RDA Recommendations for implementation in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)


The European Council Conclusions on Shaping Europe's Digital Future, approved by written procedure on 9 June 2020, states that “open science principles and Research Data Alliance recommendations are useful for supporting the decision-making authorities in promoting a flexible common approach for the collection, processing and availability of data” and welcomes this in the context of the development of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

In the context of adopting and implementing technological and / or domain specific research data solutions in EOSC, the Research Data Alliance (RDA) is seeking technological experts to generate dedicated implementation documentation to be made available to adopters.

Within the framework of the EOSC Secretariat Open Call, a recently launched initiative, the RDA is giving support to scientific and research communities in preparing for engagement with EOSC, identifying RDA technological and / or domain specific solutions to be tested in the EOSC environment as well as the generation and approval of standards for application to EOSC.   

The Technical Experts are active members of an RDA Working Group, have contributed to the development of an endorsed RDA Recommendation, and have the expertise to translate the output into a technical document or manual.

The RDA Secretariat will interact and assist the Technical Experts, providing support with the compilation of final reports and impact.  The work is to be completed by 15 May 2021.



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