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20 Jul

Consultation for the EOSC Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda Launched

Today, the Executive Board of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) opened a public consultation aimed at defining the priorities of the future Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA).

17 Jul

€70 million worth of H2020 projects to be funded to support EOSC

 Ten new Horizon 2020 projects are expected to start by January 2021 to further develop and implement the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

16 Jul

EOSC takes its next steps

To boost the research capacity and innovation potential of Europe, the EOSC interim Governance has been working to establish a European Partnership under the Horizon Europe Programme.

25 Jun

Establishing the EOSC Legal Entity

In a blog originally published in the EOSCSecretariat.eu, Cathrin Stöver, EOSC Executive Board Co-chair outlines plans for the EOSC legal entity and invites organisations interested in becoming a member to express interest in joining. 

22 Jun

EOSC Portal requirements gathering launched by EOSC Enhance

Creating an EOSC Portal that serves its users starts by understanding the users' needs. EOSC Enhance, tasked with implementing improvements to the EOSC Portal, has launched its requirements gathering activities to guide its technical implementations.

19 Jun

EOSC Work Plan 2020 - Now Online!

A second version of the Work Plan, the EOSC Work Plan 2020, has been published  on line on the Publications Office of the European Union. This coordination document outlines key activities in this critical final phase of implementation before the ‘Minimal Viable EOSC’ will be presented at the end of 2020.

18 May

New booklet describing the EOSC Early Adopter Programme

We are happy to introduce a new EOSC booklet: the EOSC Early Adopter Programme! The EAP is an initiative launched by the EOSC-hub project aimed at research communities interested in exploring the latest technologies and services offered by the European Open Science Cloud.

15 May

Take part in the EOSC Consultation Day on 18 May 2020

Monday 18 May 2020 will host the EOSC Consultation Day, organised by the EOSC Executive Board to present and gather feedback and input from the EOSC stakeholders on all the latest developments of the EOSC Working Groups.

11 May

The official EOSC branding guidelines for 2020

The EOSC Executive Board announced the new EOSC branding guidelines, which will be valid until the 31st of December 2020.

11 May

Building competence and capabilities for EOSC

Members of the newly launched EOSC Skills and Training Working Group met in Brussels on February 26 to discuss a work plan for 2020 and strategies to bridge European and national activities. Co-chaired by Natalia Manola (OpenAIRE) and Vinciane Gaillard (EUA) the Working Group includes experts nominated by Member States and EOSC Governing Board. EOSC projects have also been invited to nominate their representatives to this Working Group. Our current focus is on competences and capabilities, but not on building capacities, which is a national and institutional task.