News on EOSC Portal

8 November 2021

Dev Diary 8 - An evolving EOSC ecosystem

Welcome to the last issue of the Dev Diary created by the EOSC Enhance project, as we approach the end of these exciting two years working on the EOSC Portal. Take a look at the main updates and key...
27 August 2021

Dev Diary #7 - Expanding the EOSC Portal

The spring and summer of 2021 were particularly intense for the EOSC Portal team, as EOSC Enhance was finally joined by the latest addition to the landscape: EOSC Future! Take a look at the latest...
25 May 2021

Dev Diary #6 - Co-creating the EOSC Portal

We at EOSC Enhance are thrilled to share with the EOSC community some thoughts on the latest activities we have carried out through the spring of 2021, as we have opened up to providers and users...
29 January 2021

Dev Diary 5: Experiencing the EOSC Portal

Over the past few weeks, we have explored the main features and functionalities of the updated EOSC Portal through a series of webinars and tutorials, talking from both a service provider and a user...
27 November 2020

Dev Diary 4: Unboxing the new release of the EOSC Portal

We are welcoming a pivotal milestone for our project, as we introduce the highly-anticipated release of the EOSC Portal. EOSC Enhance partners have incorporated feedback from EOSC-related projects...
15 October 2020

DevDiary 3: EOSC Thematic and Regional Projects Share Requirements for Improving the EOSC Portal

Following an interview campaign led by EOSC Enhance with representatives of majority of the EOSC thematic cluster and regional projects, a set of requirements have been extracted, validated and...
22 June 2020

DevDiary 2: EOSC Portal launches 'Using the Portal' area

We have developed a new section, Using the Portal, to host training materials in an effort to help the users and providers make the most of the EOSC Portal.