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Launch of the initial Persistent Identifier Policy for the EOSC
7 January 2020

Launch of the initial Persistent Identifier Policy for the EOSC

By: Rachael Kotarski, FAIR WG member and co-chair of the PID Task Force Over the final half of 2019 a small taskforce has come together to draft a policy on persistent identifiers (PIDs) for the...
3 January 2020

From Energy to Plant Phenotyping: EOSC-hub Early Adopter Programme Use Cases Unveiled

EOSC-hub has just unveiled its first batch of successful applicants of its EOSC-hub Early Adopter Programme and have been included as use cases of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). EOSC-hub's...
16 December 2019

OpenAIRE and EOSC-hub @ EOSC Symposium 2019

During the week of November 25-28, 2019, the many stakeholders involved in Open Science in Europe convened at Danubius Hotel Helia in beautiful Budapest to participate in EOSC Symposium.
4 December 2019

RDA Europe call for Early Career Researchers and Experts to participate in the RDA P15 meeting

RDA Europe launched the next and last call for funding Early Career Researchers and Experts from Europe to participate in the next RDA Plenary meeting in Australia in March 2020.
4 December 2019

RDA 15th Plenary Meeting - Australia

The Research Data Alliance (RDA) is delighted to announce that its 15th Plenary Meeting, with the theme "Data for Real-World Impact", will take place from 18 - 20 March 2020 in Melbourne,...
EOSC meets the research data international community at RDA Helsinki
3 December 2019

EOSC meets the research data international community at RDA Helsinki

On the 22nd of October 2019, the University of Aalto, Helsinki, Finland hosted the first EOSC event of 2019: The International Research Data Community contributing to EOSC. The event was organised by...
EOSC Workplan
3 December 2019

EOSC Workplan published

The EOSC Executive Board has released the first version of the EOSC Work Plan. The plan outlines the key outputs which will be delivered in this first phase of implementation. They comprise a first...
6 November 2019

New publication: EOSC DIH Business Pilot Success Stories

EOSC-hub is happy to announce the release of a new publication: Business Pilot Success Stories. The publication showcases the latest business success stories of the EOSC Digital Innovation Hub (EOSC...
5 November 2019

EOSC in Focus at European Research and Innovation Days

EOSC's role in making "open science the new normal" was emphasised in the's co-organised session at the European Research and Innovation Days, "Open Science is the New Normal"....
EOSC Concertation Meeting Report
10 October 2019

EOSC Concertation Meeting report: Building together an EOSC greater than the sum of its parts

The final report from the first general EOSC Concertation meeting has been released. The 2-day meeting, was jointly organised by DG-RTD and DG-CNECT, the two units from the European Commission...
EOSC Working Groups
1 October 2019

EOSC Working Groups Launched and in Full Swing

As part of its mandate, the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Executive Board has launched five Working Groups with outputs that will directly tackle priority areas for establishing the science...
13 September 2019

The EOSC Portal at the Open Science Fair

On September 16-18, the second Open Science Fair will take place in Porto.
13 September 2019

The EOSC-synergy project will kick off in Santiago de Compostela

The EOSC-synergy project will kick off in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, from 23 to 26 September.
5 September 2019

EOSCpilot’s Contributions to EOSC Governance

Among the outcomes of the EOSCpilot project, there are some valuable resources suggesting the possible direction of the EOSC Governance.
5 September 2019

The EOSCpilot key contributions to the EOSC

The EOSCpilot project produced recommendations on the EOSC based on the two-year experience and practice matured during the project.
4 September 2019

Have your say on the EOSC-hub proposal for the EOSC technical architecture

The EOSC-hub project has produced a deliverable which proposes an open and participatory approach to the definition of the EOSC Technical Architecture. Your feedback is very welcome!
15 August 2019

EOSC Liaison Platform Live: Join the discussion!

The EOSC Secretariat project just launched the EOSC Liaison Platform, an online discussion environment where you can provide feedback to the EOSC governance bodies.
25 July 2019

Strategic Implementation Plan for EOSC Published

As part of its mandate, the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Executive Board has released the EOSC Strategic Implementation Plan which launches the first five Working Groups, and outputs that will...
23 July 2019

Call for Feedback: EOSC Federating Core Governance and Sustainability

Dale Robertson invites EOSC stakeholders to provide feedback on an EOSC-hub briefing paper...
16 July 2019

Upcoming EOSC-hub webinars

EOSC-hub will hold two webinars this July: "An EOSC-hub proposal for the EOSC Service Management System” and "An EOSC-hub proposal for the EOSC Technical Architecture”.  Find out more and register...
EOSC SIP Working Groups
10 July 2019

EOSC Strategic Implementation Plan and EB Working Groups come alive. EOSC EB Meeting Updates, 27 June 2019

The EOSC Executive Board (EB) met once more before the summer on 27 June in Brussels.  Most of the discussion in the EB meeting was around the EOSC EB Working Groups (Sustainability, Landscape, FAIR...
EOSC Executive Board, 24 May 2019
14 June 2019

Progress on the working groups: EOSC EB meeting 24 May 2019

All about the EOSC EB meeting that took place on 24 May 2019 by EOSC Executive Board Vice Chair Cathrin Stover: Strategic Implementation Plan, EOSC Working Groups, stakeholder engagement and...
14 May 2019

The EOSC Governance meets in Munich: our elephant takes a clearer shape

In order to make EOSC work we need a close coordination between scientific communities and continual engagement to co-create a platform and set of services which meet diverse user needs. EOSC will be...
29 April 2019

The EOSC Executive Board met for the second time to discuss its Strategic Implementation Plan, Working Groups and Stakeholder Engagement

EOSC is to transform the way Europe does science in the digital age. EOSC cannot live in isolation, and we need to be clear, that scientists across Europe are not at all waiting for us and also that...