What to Expect at the EOSC Symposium 2023: Unconference Sessions, Keynotes & More


In the lead-up to the EOSC Symposium 2023, several exciting developments are underway. The event has expanded to include not six but eight unconference sessions, following a vote for session proposals involving influential speakers and input from the EOSC community. These unconference sessions, however, will only be available to in-person attendees on Thursday, September 21, from 15:40-18:00 CEST.

  1. Exploring Node Roles in the EOSC Platform (EOSC Association): This session will delve into the significance of nodes in the EOSC platform, examining their interactions with architecture and policies. Key questions include defining a node, understanding its composition, mapping policies onto nodes, and addressing issues of governance and admission to the federation.

  2. Trust in Sharing Sensitive Data (University of Oslo & NeIC): Focusing on Trusted Research Environments (TREs), this session will tackle legal and technical challenges related to sensitive data use cases. The aim is to generate recommendations concerning data governance, security, and trust among stakeholders.

  3. Cultural Heritage Data in Dialogue (Europeana Foundation): This session explores the connection between the European data space for cultural heritage and EOSC, highlighting the importance of cultural heritage data for humanities research. It emphasizes the need for collaboration to ensure interoperability.

  4. Digital Twins and EOSC (CSC – IT Center for Science): Discussing projects like BioDT, this session addresses the integration of digital twins into EOSC to support biodiversity research and science-driven policies.

  5. EOSC Symposium Community Workshop – EOSC Node Value Proposition (SWITCH): Focusing on the concept of "EOSC Node," this workshop aims to establish a common understanding of the value that EOSC nodes can offer, fostering collaboration among stakeholders.

  6. Leveraging Global Data Communities (Uppsala University / ELIXIR Sweden / NBIS, SciLifeLab): This session showcases how global data organizations like the Research Data Alliance can strengthen research collaborations and synergies, supporting activities within research organizations and EOSC projects.

  7. Harmonized PID Practices for Protected Data (CSC – IT Center for Science): This session delves into the importance of persistent identifiers (PIDs) when dealing with controlled access to data, especially sensitive data. It explores relevant use cases and their impact on EOSC's FAIR principles.

  8. Engaging Public Authorities as EOSC Users (EGI Foundation): Despite substantial public investment in EOSC, this session addresses the need to involve public authorities as users. It discusses the potential for collaboration and highlights the importance of this user group.

Additionally, the EOSC Symposium 2023 will feature two keynote speakers: Joaquin Tintoré, who will discuss open science principles in ocean observing activities, and Emanuela Girardi, who will explore the impact of AI on research.

A joint session on EOSC and Data Spaces is scheduled for Friday, September 22, and is open for online attendance.

For a detailed program, including keynote sessions and thematic discussions, visit the EOSC Symposium website.

11 September 2023