Portal Requirements Gathering Update: Initial Results Published

Following the kick-off of the EOSC Enhance requirements gathering activities for the EOSC Portal, EOSC Enhance has released the first set of requirements in its latest report, EOSC Portal Requirements.

These initial set of requirements or functionalities requested forms part of the first phase of requirements gathering which is still ongoing. The final set of interviews are being conducted throughout September 2020 and will culminate in an EOSC Portal Requirements Validation and Prioritisation Workshop on 28 September 2020.

In this workshop, all the requirements collected in the EOSC Portal Requirements report and additional requirements gathered in the September interviews will be presented collectively to the gathered interviewees for them to agree on priority requirements to be implemented.

The outcome of this workshop will a full list of requirements from the 2020 requirements gathering phase already prioritised and a timeline given for their implementation across two scheduled Portal Releases in 2020 and 2021 with the remaining requirements being documented and handed to future operators of the EOSC Portal. 

EOSC Portal requirements gathering

Requirements gathering in 2020 will be focused on EOSC regional, thematic, and implementation projects while 2021 will focus more on individual researchers, scientists and other users of the EOSC Portal.

To-date, a targeted requirements gathering workshop has been organised on 12 May 2020 with the INFRAEOSC-5b projects and a public workshop titled "EOSC Portal - focus on requirements collection", open to various EOSC stakeholders, was held as part of the EOSC-hub Week 2020. Interviews with various EOSC projects is already ongoing starting with the EOSC regional projects and the thematic cluster projects, further covering other EOSC projects in the coming months.

Recently, a survey on the EOSC Portal Marketplace has been published and is open for feedback from those with experience using the portal.

Check out the first set of requirements extracted by EOSC Enhance.
Access the EOSC Portal Requirements Report now!

09 September 2020