New resources in the Marketplace!

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1. Introduction

In the last month, 14 resources have been made available in the EOSC catalogue and marketplace. Although researchers from many different fields can benefit from these newly available resources, this month saw many new resources uploaded for natural sciences and engineering & technology.

Here’s the overview of the latest resources available on the EOSC marketplace. See how they can be useful for your research needs.


This Web Panel Sample Service is a web application paired with a survey platform to meet the specific needs of ESS web panel cross-national web surveys.

Users have access to questionnaire design tools and will be able to easily manage lists of contacts to distribute surveys through different communication channels.

  • Target users: Researchers, Research Projects, Research Groups
  • Access types: Remote
  • Access modes: Other


This service aims to provide a methodology to generate global open ocean 3D-gridded products of chlorophyll a concentration, and phytoplankton functional types, which are part of the phytoplankton essential ocean variables (EOV).

  • Target users: Research Networks, Researchers, Research Communities, Research Projects, Research Groups, Research Organisations
  • Access types: Virtual
  • Life Cycle status: Operation

UMSA - Untargeted Mass Spec

This service provides a reliable and reproducible approach to processing mass spectrometry data. Users can access multiple workflows to process various types of MS data.

  • Target users: Researchers
  • Geographical availabilities: World
  • Languages: English

EnerMaps Data Management 

This service aims to improve data management and accessibility for the renewable energy industry. It provides a series of open-source online tools with FAIR data principles that facilitate data exploration for the energy sector at local and national levels in a transparent manner.

  • Target users: Students, Businesses, Resource Provider Managers, Researchers, Innovators, Policy Makers, Research Communities
  • Life Cycle status: Production
  • Access modes: Free


This service helps visualise and download data from continuous environmental observations (air quality, tree physiology, etc.). The application programming interface provides scripted access to data and more complete metadata than the graphical user interface.

  • Target users: Students and researchers
  • Access types: Virtual
  • Access modes: Free


This open-source cloud platform collects services and data of public administrations and research communities. The platform uses OpenStack and offers a certified, highly reliable, flexible cloud solution with a simple portal to access resources and costs.

  • Target users: Funders, Businesses, Other, Innovators, Research Communities, Research Projects, Research Organisations
  • Life Cycle Status: Operation
  • Access modes: Paid

One other service has also recently made available by Nivola: 

  • B2B SaaS


This service aims to allow the prediction of air quality at the urban scale. It is a cloud-based service where the input data is provided by the users. The service is accessible via the NEANIAS Authorization & Authentication service to anyone with a Google or Microsoft account.

  • Target users: Businesses, Researchers, Innovators, Research Communities, Research Projects, Research Groups
  • Access types: Virtual
  • Tags: smart-cities local/urban-air-quality traffic-emissions regional-weather-forecast

Clouds Service

This service by GEANT focuses on assisting National Research and Education Networks. It provides users with the right mix of IT cloud-based services and products that meet their needs and are uniquely suited to the community’s requirements.

  • Target users: Resource Managers, Resource Provider Managers, Research Infrastructure Managers, Researchers, Research Communities, Providers
  • Access types: Virtual, remote
  • Access modes: Paid, Free Conditionally


This service provides an advanced, user-friendly, cloud-based version of the popular open-source MB-System software for post-processing bathymetry through Jupyter Notebooks. The service aims to create an easy-to-use, agile, and fit-for-purpose workflow for multibeam data processing.

  • Target users: Students, Businesses, Resource Managers, Researchers, Research Communities, Research Projects, Providers
  • Access types: Virtual, Remote
  • Access modes: Free Conditionally


This service provides a virtual working environment where users can access big datasets and powerful compute resources as if they were working at their facility. Team members can also securely join a working environment and enjoy real-time collaboration.

Other details:

  • Target users: Students, Research Infrastructure Managers, Researchers, Research Communities, Research Projects, Research Groups, Research Organisations
  • Access types: Virtual, Remote
  • Access modes: Free Conditionally

Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE)

This OAI service provider is one of the world's most voluminous search engines, especially for academic web resources. It indexes metadata of a wide range of academically relevant resources and can easily be integrated with your local infrastructure.

Other details:

  • Target users: Students, Researchers, Research Communities
  • Access types: Remote
  • Life Cycle Status: Production

INODE Open Data Dialog

This service offers a suite of agile, fit-for-purpose and sustainable services for exploring of open datasets that help users access and search data with natural language, with examples and analytics.

Other details:

  • Target users: Funders, Research Managers, Policy Makers
  • Tags: natural-language data-access open-data research & innovation
  • Languages: English

Arkivum Digital Archiving 

This service provides a digital archiving and preservation solution to meet the varied and challenging long-term data management needs for use cases of the scientific research community.

Other details:

  • Target users: Businesses, Research Managers, Researchers, Research Projects, Research Organisations
  • Access types: Virtual, Remote
  • Access modes: Paid

2. Looking ahead

These new resources provide a glimpse of what the EOSC portal has on offer for supporting research in different domains and sectors as well as opening up access to all sorts of information and inquiry.

Stay tuned for more updates to the EOSC registry and a new set of resources that can help you in your research endeavours.

In the meantime, you can find all of the resources listed above on the EOSC marketplace.

18 May 2022