New RDA Open Call Announced: RDA Communities of Practice

RDA Communities of Practice

The Research Data Alliance (RDA) has recently announced new open calls for proposals in the context of the EOSC Future project. One of the latest calls focuses on creating a forum of domain experts to coordinate discipline-specific community engagement with EOSC. Applications for ‘RDA communities of practice’ are open until 21 March 2022, 16.00 CET, via the EOSC Future Grants Platform.

EOSC Future is launching an open call for ‘RDA communities of practice’ to boost the exchange and uptake of FAIR data practices in support of EOSC. Through this call, experts and skilled communicators in various research fields will be selected to serve as the coordination focal point between their professional communities and the broader EOSC community.

In this conduit role, these dedicated communities – or COPs – will play a fundamental role in:

  • providing discipline or domain-specific knowledge and skills within EOSC
  • engaging users and providers in EOSC
  • bolstering alignment across national, regional and discipline-specific lines.

Successful applications should provide a detailed set-up of an RDA community of practice, elaborating on the following outcomes:  

  • consolidation of new research communities around EOSC
  • disciplinary developments in support of existing EOSC science clusters
  • cross-disciplinary approaches to benefit EOSC
  • global approaches, including open research commons initiatives.

Proposals should demonstrate not only how specific domain needs will be streamlined to support the development of EOSC but also how their respective communities will benefit from EOSC core and associated services.

What does the grant include?

This call will award up to 5 grants, each totalling a maximum of €7 500, over the course of the EOSC Future project.

Who can apply?

The Research Data Alliance welcomes applications from persons or groups committed to FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data and other principles that RDA holds dear. Applicants can be part of a European research group, organisation or SME. Note: This call is not open to members of the EOSC Future consortium or projects based outside of an EU Member State or Associated Country.

Apply for the RDA open call for RDA communities of practice.

Further criteria and conditions are detailed on the EOSC Future Grants Platform.


The call is open for applications until 21 March 2022, 16.00 CET.

18 January 2022