New capabilities available on the EOSC Platform

We are pleased to announce the rollout of the latest enhancements to the EOSC Platform (the EOSC Catalogue & Marketplace and the EOSC Providers Dashboard). These updates improve the user experience, not only broadening access to resources but also giving researchers more tools to answer pressing research questions.

Improving the user experience

At a glance, new platform capabilities include:

  • an extended version of the EOSC Catalogue & Marketplace
  • onboarding workflows for services, catalogues, data sources, research products and other resources
  • cross-research infrastructure federation and interoperability
  • core support and notification systems (helpdesk, service monitoring & order management).

These provide users with the following benefits, among others:

  • improved exploration and discovery of resource resources, regardless of their location
  • scalable support and notification systems to manage service requests and enable real-time exchanges among users, providers and research projects.

Seamless updates for EOSC providers

Platform updates are already underway. Most services that are already onboarded to the EOSC Platform will not change, and new capabilities allow existing providers to present their services more effectively to potential users beyond their usual offer and target group.

Nevertheless, a small number of already integrated research data collections will be converted to the new ‘data source’ resource type by the technical team. In any case, providers of these services will be contacted directly.

Stay tuned for more enhancements in areas such as interoperability guidelines and more

Stay tuned

26 October 2022