Late September 2022 Enhancements to the EOSC Platform

The EOSC Future project plans to release new enhancements to the EOSC Platform (which includes the EOSC Catalogue & Marketplace and EOSC Providers Dashboard) by the end of September 2022.  These enhancements will provide several new capabilities to users including:

  • Enabling inclusion of services from other catalogues, expanding the range of resources accessible from the EOSC Marketplace.

  • Enabling inclusion of a wider range of data collections (“data sources”) in the EOSC Marketplace, linking to the research products they contain.

  • Improving users’ ability to find and use services from the EOSC Catalogue & Marketplace.

  • Allowing service providers to enhance their services through integration with EOSC Core Services such as HelpDesk and Monitoring.

As we release these new capabilities into production, we expect that EOSC Core Services such as the EOSC Catalogue & Marketplace and the EOSC Providers Dashboard will be out of service for a few days, mostly over one weekend in late September.  We will provide more detail about this in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

24 August 2022