Horizon Europe: New Eosc Projects Set To Launch In 2024

As we near the end of another year, it is worth applauding the forthcoming chapter of projects scheduled to commence under the EU Horizon Europe programme. Below you will find a selection of projects that will build on the work undertaken by the EOSC Future project over the last +2 years.

Read on for additional information about these projects and how they will advance technical developments, tools, and knowledge of FAIR standards within Open Science practices, aiming to establish a fully operational European Open Science Cloud.

  • EOSC Procurement action: Starting in January, 3 consortia will ensure the operation, maintenance and support for core EOSC components and services as part of the EOSC EU Node. Read the full announcement for more details on the awardees and next steps.
  • EOSC Track (Building the European Open Science Observatory): This project officially started this month, and it aims to continue work started during EOSC Future on the EOSC Observatory. The EOSC Track project will propel this policy intelligence and monitoring tool into its second phase.
  • EOSC Beyond: The project aims to enhance core EOSC capabilities. It envisions a federated and integrated network of nodes, operating at national, regional, international, and thematic levels, catering to the specific scientific missions of their stakeholders. 
  • OSCARS: This project involves a cluster addressing Biomedical Science, Environment and Earth Sciences, Physics and Analytical Facilities, Social Science and Humanities and Astronomy. Kicking off in 2024, this project aims to consolidate the achievements of EOSC Future and other EOSC projects into lasting interdisciplinary services and working practices as well as develop and foster new FAIR research throughout the European Research Area. Read the factsheet and the science clusters page for more information.

These new projects will join other Horizon Europe projects launched in 2022 and 2023. These include FAIRCORE4EOSC, EOSC Focus, AI4EOSC , among others.

Passing on the torch

It is clear that the EOSC Future project has been instrumental in prototyping core components of the EOSC architecture and infrastructure. More projects are expected to be announced in the new year, continuing to build upon these achievements.

Curious to learn more? Dive into the list of EOSC projects.

12 December 2023