The European Open Science Cloud is officially launched

The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) has been officially launched on 23 November 2018, during an event hosted by the Austrian Presidency of the European Union. The inauguration marked the conclusion of a long process of consultation and reflection with stakeholders led by the European Commission. The event demonstrated the importance of EOSC for the advancement of research in Europe and introduces the new EOSC Portal.

The EOSC Portal provides access to data, services and resources. It is a source of up-to-date information about the EOSC initiative, including best practices, governance and user stories. All service providers, research communities and other entities with a stake in EOSC are invited to visit the EOSC Portal and explore how they can benefit from its functionalities. The portal session video is avaialble here.

The launch event featured two live demonstrations to showcase how researchers can interact with and benefit from the functionalities of the portal:

  1. The pufferfish case (Watch the demo here)
  2. The CLARIN use case (Watch the demo here)

If you missed the event click here to watch the streaming of the full event.

15 December 2018