EOSC IN PRACTICE STORY: Bringing big science experiment data to the researchers’ fingertips.

EOSC Future has released a new series of use cases to show the value of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) for research.  

The cases are named “EOSC in practice stories” and highlight how EOSC resources (i.e. tools or services) already existing or under development have provided practical support to researchers in their daily work. The stories also demonstrate the benefits of EOSC for a broad range of actors, often across multiple research domains.


EOSC in Practice with ESCAPE and CS3MESH4EOSC

The second EOSC in practice story targets both researchers involved in large science projects (via the ESCAPE project) and citizen scientists or users interested in accessing big science experiment data for everyday research purposes (via the CS3MESH4EOSC project).


Cross-project adoption of EOSC services

In its research efforts, ESCAPE is slowly being adopted beyond particle physics and transitioning towards the individual researchers or citizen scientists, the kind of audience targeted by CS3MESH4EOSC. The two projects are trying to extend their boundaries and capabilities in order to eventually meet halfway.

The key point is the common technology. Both projects are offering their own Data Lakes or sync & share services via notebooks and analysis platforms. Exploiting this common element, the aim is to enable everyone to access complex data science in a way that hides all the complexity for the benefit of the user.

The pilot test for this EOSC in practice story is under development and expected to be completed in June.

Download & read the story now on Zenodo here
The full list of EOSC in practice stories is available here

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28 June 2022