EOSC Future publishes new set of EOSC in Practice Stories

EOSC in Practice Stories Booklet


A compliation of 34 EOSC in Practice stories have been published this week by the EOSC Future project to coincide with the EOSC Symposium taking place in Madrid.

The EOSC in Practice stories provide perspectives from both service providers and users from different scientific communities. We hear from providers whose services encourage open science and FAIR data principles and are now benefitting greater exposure from new user communities, thanks to their inclusion in the EOSC Marketplace.

The compilation also provides insights and examples of how EOSC is steadily consolidating a narrative of key users from the scientific community who can get the maximum out of research data through access to complementary scientific and analytical services from multiple sources across Europe.

Gathered over the last 24 months, the stories also reflect the transition between the European Commission funding programmes Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe and the move from the EOSC Prototype to roll out phases.

The stories start from an implementation perspective, showcasing how the EOSC Future project has provided a broad range of resources and services for the full lifecycle of research data which aim to help break open disciplinary silos. Addressing different scientific challenges, the “Science Projects” demonstrate the integration of research data and services across scientific domains.

The stories also highlight how through joint open calls, EOSC Future has been instrumental in providing funding for different stakeholder groups to contribute to the roll out of EOSC. The RDA/EOSC Future open call series show the opportunities created for scientific communities and how they are contributing to the development of research data tools, standards expertise in the context of EOSC. OCRE/EOSC Future open calls have made commercial services more accessible to Research & Education communities via the EOSC Marketplace, to digital service aggregators. Finally, EOSC Digital Innovation Hub/EOSC Future open calls have supported SMEs to provide their services through the EOSC Marketplace.

A key role of EOSC Future has also been to consolidate and build upon outputs of other key European Commission EOSC-related calls since 2018. These have also been captured with stories from a variety of Horizon 2020 projects which focussed on different aspects of the evolution of EOSC resources from the visualization of complex and large data sets to virtual research environments.

Thanks to EOSC, these are now available to a broader range of scientific communities, facilitating the sharing of materials and tools, the reproducibility and reuse of scientific methods.


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18 September 2023