Info Share: RDA Working Groups & RDA Communities of Practice

Info Share: RDA Working Groups & RDA Communities of Practice

The EOSC Future project is organising a series of info share webinars to introduce and provide further details on specific RDA open calls. The third online session will focus on open calls for RDA working groups and RDA communities of practice. The info share will go into the conditions and criteria for both calls as well as future RDA funding plans. Register now.

The Research Data Alliance (RDA) Open Calls aim to bring data initiatives closer to EOSC and provide EOSC with expertise, tools, best practices and standards from the global research data community. Throughout the entire EOSC Future project, the RDA’s €1 million mechanism will award over 65 grantees under nine open calls.

On 9 March, EOSC Future and RDA will hold a special online information session to discuss the following open calls:

  • Open Call for RDA Working Groups, which will be committed to developing tangible data and research infrastructure recommendations for EOSC.
  • Open Call for RDA Communities of Practice, which will investigate, discuss and provide discipline and domain-specific knowledge and skills for the EOSC community.

The deadline for both calls is 21 March 2022, 16.00 CET.

During the info share, participants will have the chance to:

  • discover the programmes for the RDA Working Groups (WG) and Communities of Practice (CoP), in addition to the role they play and planned activities 
  • share their ideas for applying to the programme 
  • learn about future call plans and timelines
  • find out which ideas are applicable (and how they tie into existing WGs and CoPs)
  • ask questions about the open calls.  

Info Share Agenda

11.00 – 11.05         Welcome & EOSC Future – RDA Open Call Context

11.05 – 11.20         Open Calls Overview: RDA Working Groups and RDA Communities of Practice

11.20 – 11.25         Next RDA Open Calls (planned until July 2022)

11.25 – 11.45         Questions and Answers


This meeting is open to anyone interested in RDA and EOSC-related topics, whether RDA open call applicants, EOSC Future consortium members, or other interested parties.

Interested? You can register here.

You can also consult the EOSC Future Funding Platform for more information on both calls, the number of grantees and scope.

9 March 2022